Whitby Walk 
Whitby, at one time the sixth most important town in England outside London, has a fascinating past. We take you on a walk around this historic fishing port and experience its intriguing past with fishing, shipbuilding, geology andů Dracula. 
Distance: 2 miles 
Time: 02:00 
Advice: The whole walk is on pavement and tarmac. However, cobbles feature in one part of the walk and the Khyber Pass is steep - but is accessible for wheelchair users and parents with buggies. 
More info: This is a two mile circular route and between the ten leisurely stages 
Start at the Whitby Tourist Information office 
Point 1 : Shipbuilding 
Point 2 : Captain Cook 
Point 3 : Market Trading 
Point 4 : Pressgangs 
Point 5 : The fish quay 
Point 6 : Stoker 
Point 7 : Alum 
Point 9 : Royal Crescent 
Point 10 : A holy town